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AS9136 Speedtest

WOBCOM GmbH (AS9136) is an ISP, based in Wolfsburg, Germany. We provide internet and telephony services for residential and business customers in Wolfsburg, as well as IP-Transit services at all DC locations you can find at our PeeringDB Entry. We're also operating a datacenter in Wolfsburg. If you're interested reach out to us!


We provide a web-based speedtest which can be used on almost every device without a hassle. You can choose from a list of servers, which are all provided by WOBCOM GmbH in the different data center locations.

We're operating a server. You can use it by eventually selecting it at or using the cli client.

  • Old CLI client: speedtest --server 53128
  • New CLI client: speedtest -o

Hint: have changed their API design, they don't return the full list of servers anymore. Therefore it's possible that you can't find the server.

Server locations

This is an anycasted service. If you connect to you will get served by the nearest server. You can connect to a specific server using the following domains:

Server Datacenter City Wolfsburger Nordkopf Tower Wolfsburg, DE NTT Berlin 1 (BER1) Berlin, DE Lumen, Gradestr. 60 Berlin Berlin, DE NTT Frankfurt 1 (FRA1) Frankfurt, DE Equinix FR5, Frankfurt Frankfurt, DE Interxion Düsseldorf (DUS2) Düsseldorf, DE NIKHEF Amsterdam Amsterdam, NL

All servers are connected to the network with 2x25 Gbit/s interfaces.


  • Download Test: iperf3 -c -R
  • Upload Test: iperf3 -c

You can use the -4/-6 flags to enforce using IPv4/IPv6. When testing high bandwidths consider using the -P # option to use multiple streams.

HTTP(S) download test files

To supply test downloads we developed the tool sparsesrv, A high performance sparse file webserver written in Rust. Compression has been disabled in the webserver. Could be slower than iPerf3 or speedtest-cli.

HTTP HTTPS (TLS 1.2/1.3)
1M 1M
10M 10M
100M 100M
1G 1G
10G 10G
100G 100G

Download to /dev/null to bypass hard drive limits: wget -O /dev/null

You can use the -4/-6 flags to enforce using IPv4/IPv6.